AMIDST the noise, chaff and fistfuls of muck flying out of Westminster in all directions, it’s easy to overlook the work of your other two functioning parliaments. Your three SNP MEPs are back in Brussels tomorrow, so here’s a brief overview of the work we’ll be getting on with.

Given the ripples he’s already making in Brussels, it seems apt to start with Monsieur Ecosse, Christian Allard, who has taken on the fisheries brief for the SNP European Group. The SNP has long said that the Common Fisheries Policy isn’t fit for purpose, and so I daresay his 20 years’ experience in the fishing industry is going to come in useful.

When our First Minister told EU nationals “you remain welcome here, Scotland is your home and your contribution is valued”, that wasn’t empty rhetoric. How I felt waking up on June 24, 2016 – and how I’ve felt every day since – is nothing compared to the distress experienced by our new Scots who are finding the UK an increasingly hostile and nasty place.

As Christian said in his maiden speech (delivered in French, to really hammer the point home), “in Scotland we’re used to the idea of having multiple identities. I am 100% Scottish, I am 100% French, and 100% European”.

If you’re living in Scotland, you’re one of us, and we’ve got your back.

Meanwhile, we’ve got former Scottish environment minister Aileen McLeod working on both the Environment Committee and the Committee for Constitutional Affairs.

While the UK Government ties itself in knots around Brexit, the rest of the EU has to move on and get on with the job. Anyone who saw the news reports of the Amazon rainforest aflame will know that we need drastic, urgent and wide-ranging action to combat climate change.

Aileen represented Scotland at the Paris climate talks, and has been clear in reminding our MEP colleagues that Scotland is a world leader in tackling climate change. Holyrood is in the process of legislating for zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045 at the latest and for our economy to be carbon neutral by 2040. That’s the kind of statistic that makes people sit up and take note.

If you want someone who’s going to move heaven and earth to take that agenda forward, Aileen’s your woman.

Meanwhile, AFCO, the Constitutional Affairs Committee, has been conducting serious research and promoting citizens’ rights at the heart of the Brexit issue, and I’ve no doubt Aileen will be able to hold her own alongside fellow AFCO members Antonio Tajani (former president of the parliament), Mairead McGuinness (vice-president of the parliament) and Guy Verhofstadt (the parliament’s Brexit co-ordinator).

As for me? Well, I’m currently president of our group, the European Free Alliance, which makes me first vice-president of the Green/EFA Group – a great vote of confidence from our colleagues. This shows that not only is Scotland willing to do our part in contributing to this family of nations, but also that we are valued by the other EU member states.

I’ve been working on both the foreign affairs and agriculture committees for a few years now, and I’m delighted to continue with my work there.

Protecting the people of Scotland from the devastating effects of Brexit and the lumbering whims of the latest unelected UK Prime Minister remains my focus. The Brexit battle will be fought at Westminster (much as it pains me to say it), and so I’ll be supporting my MP colleagues wherever I can.

It won’t be an easy time ahead for any of us, but at least you’ll know your SNP MEPs are getting on with the job, working hard to ensure Scotland’s voice is heard and sending a clear message that Scotland’s for Europe.