THE Yes DIY hub is delighted to report on a new project called Stirling Conversations which will see the city host a programme of talks and debates related to independence and other topics.

Organisers told us this is a new initiative by a group of Stirlingshire citizens “to bring expert speakers to our communities to drive respectful, informed debate and discussion on topics important to our lives”.

They added: “We plan to host speakers on a range of topics important to the Scotland’s future and what kind of country we want to be. Our ‘Let’s Talk’ board at every meeting will be an opportunity for attendees to put forward future Stirling Conversation topics.

“By bringing folk in our communities together to participate in an open, inclusive and welcoming arena we hope to show how we are connected at a values level and can grow respectfully debate across areas of differing viewpoints.”

Stirling Conversations inaugural guest speaker was the popular weekly columnist at the Sunday National, constitutional expert John Drummond.

The Constitutional Commission is a charity registered for the promotion of democratic citizenship and for constitutional education and research, founded in 2005 by John Drummond and the late Canon Kenyon Wright.

He was speaking last night as The National went to press, sharing his knowledge and holding a Q&A session.

We will report on future meetings of the Stirling Conversations.