TRIBUTES to Ruth Davidson came from across the political spectrum, as the outgoing Tory leader confirmed that she was standing down to spend more time with her family.

Nicola Sturgeon yesterday took to Twitter to wish Davidson well.

“I know well the toll political leadership can take on family life, and no-one will grudge her more time with her young son.”

Speaking to Sky News, the First Minister said it was an “open secret” that there were “political factors” in Davidson’s decision.

“It’s an open secret that there are probably political factors in this decision as well.

“Her disagreements with Boris Johnson are well known and I think it has been obvious for some time how uncomfortable she has been in trying to defend his leadership and the direction that he’s taking the UK, in particularly over Brexit.

She continued: “I guess it does pose a bigger question, if we’re in a situation now where the leader of the Scottish Conservatives can’t reconcile herself to the extreme hard Brexit-driven leadership of Boris Johnson, then why should the rest of Scotland have to reconcile ourselves to that.

“Ruth has reclaimed her own independence today.”

Scottish Labour leader, Richard Leonard credited with Davidson with the “increase in support for her party in Scotland”.

He added: “Her departure as leader will be a massive setback for them. However, the timing can be no coincidence and shows clearly that Boris Johnson’s conduct as Prime Minister isn’t acceptable even to those who share his politics.

“I wish Ruth and her family all the best for the future.”

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In a personal message, shared on Twitter, LibDem leader Jo Swinson said: “Our politics are different Ruth, but I have always admired your kick-ass approach, breaking glass ceilings and challenging the old guard. Wishing you & Jen all the best – enjoy all those magical moments with baby Finn.”

Labour’s Lesley Laird tweeted it was “a dignified exit by Ruth Davidson”, adding: “she may not have been explicit but it is clear that the arrogance of Johnson & Rees-Mogg has been the final straw.”

David Mundell, the former secretary of state for Scotland, who is a close personal friend, as well as a close political ally of Davidson, said he understood and respected her decision to stand down for personal reasons.

“I will miss her greatly,” he said. “As leader she transformed @ScotTories fortunes and was a passionate voice for the Union. Our politics needs more authentic voices like Ruth’s and I hope that can be her legacy.”

Former prime minister David Cameron tweeted: “When I called for more non-political people to get involved in politics in 2009 I couldn’t have dreamed of a better candidate than @RuthDavidsonMSP. Her brand of fearless, forthright Conservatism has transformed our party in Scotland and we owe her an enormous debt. I know how difficult today’s decision must have been and I wish @RuthDavidsonMSP and her family all the best for the future”.