THE Scottish Greens have unveiled a new campaign to transform Scotland’s economy.

The Scottish Green New Deal would use every lever available to the Scottish Government to respond to the challenges of “outrageous inequality, growing poverty and the climate emergency with the urgency that is needed”.

The party wants to deliver a broad range of policies, incentives and investment that will transform the economy and build a more just, sustainable and prosperous Scotland.

With their package of policies they aim to rebuild the public sector and provide long-term certainty for the private sector. They also wish to channel investment into low-carbon industries, as well as green and integrated public transport.

The Scottish Greens also want to invest in regional industrial strategies to target support to those who need it most and start a housing revolution to ensure there are more warm and affordable homes.

Finally, the party is looking to restore the natural environment by reforming land ownership and farming subsidies.

Scottish Greens co-leader Lorna Slater said: “It’s not enough to say it’s a climate emergency, we need governments to act.

“With only six MSPs the Scottish Greens have made a considerable impact on Scotland, and with this new ambitious vision we will use that influence to push for the actions needed, including on infrastructure, farming, manufacturing and housing.

“I work in renewable energy engineering, and it is completely misguided to argue that we need to wait until the technology is ready, or for independence. We have the technology now, and the climate emergency will not wait for independence.”

She continued: “Of course, a Scottish Green New Deal could be even more substantial with the full powers of independence, and that is why we will continue to argue that case.

“I encourage our members and stakeholders to help us develop this vision in detail in the coming year. The work must start now.”

In the 24-page document, the Scottish Greens say they will work to develop their proposals over the coming year.

The Green New Deal focuses on what could be done by the Scottish Government with existing powers, though stress that comprehensively delivering their programme of policies would require access to some reserved powers.

It means that part of the Scottish Greens’ strategy over the next year will be to develop a vision for Scotland that could be delivered if it was an independent country.

The launch of the campaign comes after the Scottish Government declared a climate emergency earlier in the year.

It followed a report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which warned that the world must halve greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade.