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WE suspect our readers will know there's a Holyrood by-election happening this week in Shetland ... but you won't have learned that from Jo Swinson.

The area is a LibDem stronghold that the SNP are pushing hard in, and a sharp drop in the Unionist party's vote would be humiliating.

Given this risk, you'd think the leader of the LibDems, who even represents a Scottish constituency, might be quite keen to support her party's efforts there. It seems not.

John Clark, head of office for SNP minister Derek Mackay, first noticed the stark absence of by-election content on Swinson's Twitter.

He wrote: "Does Jo Swinson know there is a by-election in Shetland this week? The Lib Dem leader hasn't tweeted – or even retweeted – about the by-election or their candidate in 6 weeks, in what appears to be her only tweet about the poll."

That one message from Swinson came on July 14 – while she was still campaigning to become LibDem leader – and was a retweet of candidate Beatrice Wishart.

Swinson wrote: "Delighted to see the fabulous @BeatriceWishart selected as the Lib Dem candidate for the Shetland by-election. Looking forward to campaigning with you there!"

And go campaigning she did. Wishart posted a picture with Swinson on August 9. Swinson, however, didn't bother to even mention the fact she'd been on Shetland on her account.

This is slightly striking, given that she's usually keen enough to post pictures when campaigning for candidates.

Swinson has replied to a message, too. She responded to pictures of Alex-Cole Hamilton campaigning in Shetland with the caption: "So jealous!" And that was it.

The main LibDem account hasn't tweeted about the by-election once – they've left that work for their branch office.

The contrast between Swinson and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is also rather telling.

As you can see from the tweets below, the First Minister is somewhat more vocal about her time in Shetland.

And these aren't even counting the retweets of SNP candidate Tom Wills.

We'll let readers decide for themselves the reasons behind the very different approach of the two party leaders.

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