A SENIOR Tory party member who was suspended following a sick joke about Nicola Sturgeon's miscarriage has doubled down on the incident, claiming she is now "more dangerous" than before.

Jane Lax, the Moray Conservative's treasurer, sparked anger and hurt after responding to an online troll who claimed the First Minister's miscarriage was "fictional".

Lax tweeted: “Is that when she dropped a book?”, then followed up with three laughing emojis that she later claimed were in response to something different..

Lax was suspended but then, rather than apologise, took to Twitter to claim that the “problem for them though is, now not constrained by the party, I might become more dangerous for them.”

She also added she was "gobsmacked that the SNP see me as so important. They think they got a big scalp? I had no idea I was so powerful."

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, an SNP source said: “It’s clear Ms Lax shows no remorse for her vile remarks.

“Instead, she’s basking in notoriety.

“The Scottish Tories must confirm that they will make the outcome of their disciplinary procedure public.”

The First Minister revealed in a book, with her consesnt, that she had suffered a miscarriage at the age of 40 while deputy leader of the SNP.

During a radio interview last week, she also said: “I’ve been contacted by women who have suffered miscarriages. These kind of comments also stir up hurtful and painful feelings in others.

“So yes, I welcome the fact she’s been suspended.”

The Conservatives previously said Lax’s original comments were “completely unacceptable”.