ONE of the women who volunteered to clean political graffiti off a war memorial in Shetland has said she helped because of a "love of our community". 

Laurie Pottinger, who stepped in with Kaylee Stevenson when the memorial in Lerwick was defaced earlier this week, said she was keen for people to understand the history of the stone. 

"We cleaned the war memorial, not because we are SNP supporters, or any other political supporters, but because we care deeply about the men who gave their short lives for our freedom, and for their brave stories commemorated on that stone," she explained.

"I did it for Janet Hardy who opened the memorial in 1924 having lost three sons to the First World War.

"I did it for Karl Manson who lived a stone's throw from the memorial; a bright and able pupil whose life was cut short in Arras age 19.

"I did it for everyone who still carries a sorrow, a loss and a lump in their throat every time they pass the memorial, remembering a father, grandfather or friend."

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Pottinger went on: "I did it for a love of our community.

"I woke with such a feeling of sadness, that such a sacred monument had been violated, the only thing I could do to was roll up my sleeves and take action."

Police are investigating after 'SNP' was spray-painted onto the memorial overnight into Thursday.

The act of vandalism came amid an ongoing by-election in Shetland, where LibDem MSP Tavish Scott recently announced he would be stepping down.