A SENTENCE of 225 hours of community work for killing more than 1000 sentient creatures – by any standards this type of person requires psychiatric treatment.

Were there feelings of shame or remorse, such behaviour would not require laws to end it. Andrew Tickell concludes a jail sentence is not appropriate, I agree (How one conviction serves to illustrate flaws in the law, The National, August 22).

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The shooting fraternity, be they landowners, socially conscious toffs or gamekeepers, quote employment and income generated by “sport” as being vital to the rural economy. A wounded grouse trailing a broken wing through the heather pursued by a gun dog is not featured in their calculations.

In remote areas crime detection is difficult, the law is easily broken. Until a change of attitude involving an infusion of common decency and a humane approach to land usage by those owning, able to afford access, or are workers, then wildlife cruelty for “fun” will continue.
Iain R Thomson