NICOLA Sturgeon has welcomed the suspension of the Tory activist who mocked the First Minister’s miscarriage.

Speaking to ITV, the SNP leader described the comments as “hurtful”.

On Wednesday we told of how Jane Lax, the Tory party's treasurer in Moray, had traded so-called jokes about the SNP leader’s baby loss with other unionists on Twitter.

The Tories then suspended her and promised she would be subject to a “disciplinary procedure”.

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It all started when the anonymous twitter account, Agent P shared an interview in which Sturgeon detailed the abuse she receives online.

Replying, Gillian Sparrow, a retired midwife from Dumfrieshire with a record of organising pro-union campaigns, tweeted: “Has she mentions [sic] her fictional miscarriage yet?”

Lax then replied: “Is that when she dropped a book?” She then posted three laughing emojis.

The exchange has shocked the country.

Responding, the First Minister said: “I absolutely think that it's right for her to be suspended.

“Obviously these comments are hurtful and not just hurtful and painful to me and people close to me, but I've been contact by women who've also suffered miscarriage and these kind of comments also stir up hurtful and painful feelings in others as well.

“I welcome that she's been suspended. I don't particularly want to talk too much about what she said as I don't want to dignify it with a response.

“I would say more generally though, that for anyone who finds their political disagreement with somebody leading to making such offensive comment really needs to take a long hard look at themselves and really think about what kind of person they are.

“Hopefully she will learn from this.”

While Lax hasn’t spoken publicly about the row, a Scottish Tory spokesman says she is "extremely apologetic".

SNP MSP Gail Ross has called on the Tories not to sweep the disciplinary process under the carpet.

"This was appalling behaviour, and Ms Lax should be ashamed.

"No politician should have to face these vile comments, and it's sickening to see this kind of attitude rearing its head within the Scottish Tory party again.

"This case cannot be swept under the carpet - the Scottish Tories must make the outcome of their disciplinary procedure public."

Sturgeon revealed in the 2016 that she and husband Peter Murrell had lost a baby while she was serving as deputy First Minister.

In an interview for the book, Scottish National Party Leaders, Sturgeon spoke about how she suffered a miscarriage when she was 40, shortly before the 2011 Scottish parliamentary election campaign period.