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As part of the annual tradition of GERS report day, this morning Scotland's Unionist politicians have all been taking turns to step into the limelight and claim the figures should totally banish the mere thought of Scottish independence until the end of time.

Obviously Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson couldn't resist jumping on the bandwagon and, after retweeting a thread from Better Together's very own Blair McDougall on why the data is so troubling, she posted something to Twitter herself.

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Firstly, the Tory MSP compared Scotland's deficit to three other European countries. The only difference of course was that those countries are already independent and therefore comparing them like-to-like would be pretty unfair. But that didn't matter to Ruth who went ahead and did it anyway.

Then, Davidson wrote: "For the SNP to pretend a 7% deficit is not an issue is criminally negligent."

What's that? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it's an elephant in the room.

For a Tory to make such a suggestion the very week that a document showing the true extent of the damage a No-Deal Brexit would do to the UK was leaked is shameful. To call a government "criminally negligent" for its lack of concern over a perfectly normal deficit, while the leader of the Tory Government is allegedly "hell-bent" on forcing the UK out of the EU with no agreement, is an embarrassing move from Davidson. 

We weren't the only ones to see the issues in her post.

One comment read: "You're basically telling the world that unionism is not working for Scotland, because all those countries are independent. Thank you for the marvellous contribution that you make towards Scottish independence"

Another pointed out the problem with suggesting the deficit is solely a result of Scottish Government policy. 

 And of course Brexit didn't go unmentioned.

Scottish Secretary AlisterJack and Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard have also spoken out against the GERS report.

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