The National:

MORE than three years on from the day the UK – not Scotland, of course – voted to leave the European Union, it can be a struggle to remember what it was all about in the first place.

Boosting the economy? The Westminster government’s own forecasts warn of disastrous consequences in the event of a no-deal Brexit, with economic stagnation expected even if a deal is agreed.

Improving sovereignty? Scotland faces being dragged out against its will, how’s that for sovereignty?

More money for the NHS? Printing it on the side of a bus doesn’t make it true.

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No, the key motivation behind Brexit all along was passports. Slightly different passports.

Despite the UK’s continued membership of the EU, groundbreaking new travel documents without the European title were issued from March 30, the day after the initial Brexit deadline.

Even more excitingly for pocket-sized, leather-bound booklet enthusiasts, the fabled blue passports are due to be issued from the end of the year.

The symbol of the UK’s independence from Europe will be made by a French company, the Home Office has admitted.

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But it would take more than that to dampen the spirits of chief passport fanatic and on/off politician Nigel Farage, who delighted social media users with a picture of him modelling the EU-less burgundy booklet.

“We got our passport back!” he exclaimed – and without even having to leave the European Union!

Commenters on Twitters struggled to share the Brexit Party leader’s enthusiasm.

Writer Jonathan Coe got the ball rolling.