The National:

AS the UK hurtles towards a No-Deal BrexitJeremy Corbyn has delivered a “major” speech outlining his plan to stop Boris Johnson in his tracks.

Speaking at a children’s centre in Corby, Northamptonshire, the Labour leader vowed to bring a vote of no confidence in the Tory government.

If it is successful, Corbyn says he will seek to form a “time-limited caretaker administration to avert No Deal” and will immediately call a General Election.

The speech was billed as the moment the Labour leader would “set out his vision to rebuild Britain”, so what would all of this mean for Scotland?

No idea – Corbyn didn’t mention Scotland once.

That’s right, in his landmark speech outlining his vision for the future, Corbyn failed to talk about Scotland at all.

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He did at least squeeze in a few zingers, such as: “Not so much a No Deal Brexit more a Trump Deal Brexit.” Snappy.

You can read the full speech here – but if you’re looking for anything specific to Scotland, don’t bother.