SCOTTISH Labour have been left "isolated and irrelevant" over opposing indtref2, according to the SNP.

Last week shadow Chancellor John McDonnell made clear the UK party would not oppose a second independence vote if the Scottish Government asked for one – in direct contradiction to Scottish Labour’s stance.

Despite talking to Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard, McDonnell then doubled-down on his statement and revealed that Jeremy Corbyn supported his view.

Today Corbyn said “it’s not up to parliament to block” a referendum.

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A recent poll carried out by Lord Ashcroft found one third of Labour voters said they would vote Yes in indyref2.

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SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown MSP said: "Labour’s UK leadership recognises the democratic right for Scotland’s people and parliament to choose their own future.

“That is a simple recognition of the principle of self-determination, of the precedent set by the 2014 referendum, and of the cast-iron democratic mandate which exists.

"Scottish Labour’s position is fundamentally anti-democratic, and Corbyn’s remarks leave it looking even more isolated and irrelevant. 

“They must get on the right side of democracy or face electoral disaster, given that polls show that four in 10 Labour voters support independence.

“With the continued Brexit chaos consuming Scotland and the UK, it’s clear that the only way to properly protect Scotland’s interests is by becoming an equal and independent European country.”