A SCOTTISH company has launched a new programme to bring its staff closer to its disabled customers who buy and use the vehicles they manufacture.

Allied Vehicles Group, which is based in Glasgow, said its assemblers would come face-to-face with its customers to give them first-hand experience of what happens to their specialised wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) after they leave the factory.

It said the programme will involve as many vehicle assemblers as possible going out to deliver vehicles to customers over the next year, to let them witness how their work has a positive impact on the lives of disabled customers who need the WAVs.

Scott Kane was the first assembler to go on a home visit under the new programme when he delivered a Peugeot Horizon to Jim and Janet Grant in Edinburgh.

“It’s been highly motivating for me to understand the ways in which a vehicle that I’ve worked on can make such a difference to people’s lives,” said Kane.

“It’s really rewarding seeing how happy the customers were. I feel really proud of the work the guys and I do, and it’s an eye-opening experience getting to see where the car goes after we’ve finished working on it.”

Jim Grant was a fireman for 30 years, but 20 years ago was diagnosed with motor neurone disease MND).

The new car will allow the couple to travel around together in comfort and style.

Janet Grant said: “Jim taught me to drive when I was 17 and it’s great that I can now use that skill to get us both around.

“We had a Peugeot Horizon for five years and came straight back to Allied when we needed a new wheelchair accessible vehicle.

“The new Horizon is a lovely car and it’ll make a big difference. This is a lovely idea and it was really nice to meet Scott.”

Allied said its core purpose was defined in the phrase, “we move people and make a difference to their lives”.

The company works with leading car makers to manufacture and re-engineer vehicles for disabled people across the UK and beyond

It employs more than 680 people – most at its main manufacturing plant and administrative headquarters, in Glasgow – and supplies around 6000 vehicles each year.