ANYBODY who’s ever been to a supermarket and can’t find a copy of their National knows how far Unionists will go to try to sabotage us – but yesterday they took it to the next level.

We’ve obtained a secret leaked video created by “Scots in the Union” detailing why their members should NOT subscribe to this newspaper.

The campaigning organisation – about which we know very little – listed seven reasons that Scots should definitely not support The National.

The group says there are already far too many newspapers in Scotland which support independence. It says that nobody needs to know about Scottish history or have columns in Gaelic or Scots. The group also claims we’ve got too many good columnists – and shouldn’t attack the state broadcaster. Top economist “Kelvin Vague” also gets a mention.

The video ends with a warning that The National will launch a Unionist fact-checker and rebuttal service when we reach 8000 subscribers. We’re currently not far off 7500.

(Yes, it’s a parody ... )

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