THE Greens have fired back at claims they have contributed “nothing of note” to Holyrood.

In his National column, Kevin McKenna criticised the party over their opposition to plans from Wings Over Scotland author Stuart Campbell to stand pro-independence MSPs in the list vote in the next Holyrood election.

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McKenna wrote: “The Greens exist solely as a means of making it look like Holyrood is all diverse and fresh. They have contributed precisely nothing of any note in the 20 years of Holyrood’s existence and have never won a constituency election. They are a boutique party serving as a vehicle for the prejudices of Patrick Harvie.”

Responding, a Scottish Greens spokesperson said: “Just at the moment we are finally making a breakthrough, with support for independence growing in the polls, along comes a proposal which endangers that progress.

“Its sole purpose seems to be to attempt to take votes away from the two pro-independence parties who currently sit in Holyrood, ultimately dividing the Yes movement and allowing the Unionist parties in through the back door.

“It will be a positive and inclusive vision for independence that will win over voters, not a narrow vision based on internet trolling.

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“Kevin McKenna’s personal attack on the Greens only revealed his lack of awareness of Scottish politics. After all, the majority of Scots pay less tax now because of the Scottish Greens, councils are empowered, disabled people are less likely to face humiliating assessments to get benefits and children are on the verge of getting equal protection from assault.

“Voters are more likely to recognise those achievements than be impressed by how many people an online blogger has upset. If McKenna likes people who get a reaction, he should look at what the Tories have called us.”