THE SNP will benefit from a huge surge in support at a Westminster election, a new study suggests.

The projections from the Survation poll are illustrated on an interactive Flavible Politics map, which highlights the dominance of the pro-independence party.

In line to win 4% of votes in the UK as a whole, the SNP would secure a total of 53 seats, according to Flavible projections.

The Tories will be wiped off the map in Scotland entirely, the study suggests.

The LibDems are on track to win five seats while Labour would pick up just one.

Currently, the SNP have 35 MPs elected to Westminster, meaning the results would represent an increase of 18 seats.

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In the UK as a whole, the Conservatives were forecast to win 28% of the vote, with Labour on 24%, the LibDems on 21%, the Brexit Party on 15% and the Greens on 3%.

The Survation poll also asked respondents about their views on Brexit.

Some 55% said they would vote to Remain in the event of another referendum, with 45% opting for Leave.

Probed about their preferred outcome for Brexit, 43% of respondents said they want the UK to stay in the EU. Just under a third (29%) said their first choice would be to leave with a deal while 19% said they would prefer a No-Deal Brexit.

Survation polled 2040 respondents aged 18+ in the UK via an online questionnaire.

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