SO, £70 million to reopen an obsolete rail link to Leven? 750,000 passenger by 2037? Come on, let’s get real here.

Gone are the days when Scots or tourists would descend in numbers to places like Leven or Aberdour or Burntilsand or Broughty Ferry for a holiday or even a day out. Levenmouth is run down and uninspiring these days. Do you really think spending stupid money on a railway line is going to rejuvenate it?

I can understand reinventing the Borders railway. Gorgeous countryside and direct from the tourist city of Edinburgh, but Levenmouth?? There is a perfectly good, and cheaper (indeed excellent) bus service from Leven to wherever you want to go, so why waste all this money on a railway?

I doubt many locals will even use it, as it will be overly expensive, and I’m sure no tourist would even consider using it to travel to Leven for a boring walk along a dead waterfront!

I know I won’t be popular with these comments but I can live with it! It will be interesting to see if I am alone in my attitude.

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