FORMER Tory minister Edwina Currie has questioned whether Scotland would "want to lose the hefty payments that come from Westminster" by going independent. 

As part of a BBC Radio Scotland interview, the ex-MP was asked if she was worried "that a No-Deal Brexit might push forward the case for an independent Scotland?" by host Mhairi Stuart.

Currie responded: "No. No. I don't think so.

"What are we really saying there? That Scotland would sever its ties with the rest of the United Kingdom? Would want to lose the hefty payments that come from Westminster to those parts of Scotland that really need it? And would then have to go through the whole renegotiation with the EU that does not want separate bits of countries because Catalonia wants to do the same and Northern Italy would like to do the same. And they’re going to be deeply discouraging.

"You find yourselves really really seriously on your own just as the North Sea oil starts to disappear.”

Currie wasn't challenged on the claims.

The National:

Earlier in the show, Currie was asked about the all-female emergency cabinet Green MP Caroline Lucas is seeking to launch. 

She described the project as "completely bonkers".

She went on: "I cannot believe that a prominent public politician has actually gone on television and demanded that we have a special group, a select group of people – all of whom look like her – it’s doubly discriminatory for a start. It excludes all the men. Oh and by the way it excluded all the women of colour for whom she has apologised."

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Last year, Currie appeared on the Alex Salmond Show and called Boris Johnson a "man without principle".

She campaigned for Remain in 2016 but now believes "Brexit means Brexit".