The National:

A CALLER to Eddie Mair's LBC radio show has said the "Saltire is paraded through the streets like Hitler used to do" as he warned against the dangers of nationalism.

The man claimed there is "no form of nationalism that's benign, there's no form of nationalism that's good".

Mair asked if it was possible to be pro-independence and be proud of Scotland, but also like the English.

The caller responded: "Eddie I'm absolutely proud of Scotland, I've carried a Saltire everywhere I went, even when I was in the forces. Now it's covered in Yes banners and paraded through the streets like Hitler used to do.

"That's what they used to do, they marched and marched until they got what they want."

Oh, sure, the Yes movement is exactly like the Nazis because *checks notes* they also protest and wave flags?

The National:

I think there's a whole lot of organisations and groups that are just like the Nazis if that's the case ...

The caller went on: "Sometimes even marched to the BBC headquarters during the last referendum when they didn't like the questions Alex Salmond was asked.

"Nationalism is frightening Eddie, nationalism in Scotland's frightening. You're called traitors and quislings by some 18 or 19-year-old, when I actually served my country because I believe in the Union.

"Because I believe that without any Central Bank, any lendor of last resort, no currency, no ... think having to get into Europe after two years, having to join the euro. Eddie you can't watch Braveheart and transcend everything away from the fifth biggest economy in the world to be a very very small fish in a very very small pond."

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Aha, that's the plan! We won't have any currency or Central Bank at all, we're going to cancel money altogether. Hope you don't like your savings too much!

Mair then asked what the caller what do if Scotland became independent. 

He replied: "Move to England."

The host asked if he was being serious, to which the man said: "Eddie it would be the same if it was English nationalists.

"I spent many times, I've lived in England and I've never had a single problem."

He claimed "everybody loves Scotland, they love the Scots".

Oh yeah, we really feel the love from Westminster. Especially when they constantly threaten to deny us our democratic rights.