SIXTY percent of Scottish voters believe support for independence will sky-rocket if the UK crashes out of Europe with No Deal, a new poll has revealed.

The survey of 1705 Scots for Hope Not Hate found that 45% of us feel that Johnson is willing to sacrifice the Union to deliver Brexit.

Scottish voters haven’t taken to the new Prime Minister at all.

When given a list of a positive and negative words and asked to choose the one that best describes Johnson, 55% chose “buffoon”.

The second most popular word was “untrustworthy”, followed by “self-serving” and “irresponsible”.

The National:

The survey also reveals that just 14% of Scots think a No-Deal Brexit would be good for Britain.

And a staggering 86% of Scots are opposed to a free trade deal that includes the UK accepting chlorinated chicken.

According to the poll, the Johnson-era is hurting Ruth Davidson, with support for the Scottish Tories down from 28.6% in 2017 to just 20%.

But that eight point drop is nothing compared to the 13.6% plummet in support for Scottish Labour, who are down from 27.1% to just 14.7%.

The LibDems are now on 13.1%, up from 6.8% in 2017, and the Brexit Party are on 6.7%

The SNP remain out ahead at 38.5%.

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These figures are likely now out-of-date, with the groundwork for the poll being carried out at the end of May following the European elections.

In a separate UK-wide poll for the anti-racist charity, 57% of Tory Party supporters and over 70% of all Leave voters said they believe that Brexit must go ahead even if it meant Scotland leaving the Union.

Nick Lowles, Hope Not Hate’s CEO, said: “Boris Johnson’s headlong dash for a chaotic No-Deal Brexit is risking the very future of the UK and potentially unleashing a dangerous English nationalism.

“That should frighten us all. Hope Not Hate is opposed to a No-Deal Brexit because the political and economic fall-out would create a fertile breeding ground for the far-right.”

Last week, a poll carried out for former Tory chairman Lord Ashcroft suggested more than half of all Scottish voters want independence.

The survey, the first since Johnson became Prime Minister, put support for a Yes vote at 46% against 43%.

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Once don’t knows are removed, support for independence rises to 52%. It also suggested there was demand for a new vote, with 47% of voters telling pollsters they want indyref2 in the next two years, compared to 45% who disagreed.

Another poll, published yesterday, revealed support from people across the UK for the Scottish Government’s position on an independence referendum.

The poll, conducted by Opinium, suggested 41% of voters believe the Government in London should not veto the right of the Government in Edinburgh to hold a second referendum in the next five years. In Scotland, that number rises to 46%. Slightly less than a third, 32%, feel the UK Government should block the vote.

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SNP depute leader Keith Brown said: “People across the UK overwhelmingly believe that independence should be a matter for the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish people – not Westminster.

“UK voters believe it should be up to people of Scotland to decide how they are governed – not a Tory Party which has no mandate in Scotland, putting our economy at risk to suit their own political ends.

“This poll shows that Labour and the Tories’ undemocratic stance of denying Scotland the right to choose their future is completely untenable.

“Faced with chaos and uncertainty in Westminster, it’s no wonder that support for independence in Scotland is growing. And support for independence will continue to rise, in the face of a shambolic Brexit and an incompetent Prime Minister.

“The Tories can see that – which is what lies behind their utterly undemocratic move to block the people of Scotland having a say on their future.”