DON’T make young people pay the price for Brexit, Mhairi Black has urged Boris Johnson on International Youth Day.

First observed in 2000, the United Nations initiative serves to draw attention to issues affecting young people and this year focuses on the transformative power of education.

Marking the event today, Mhairi Black – the youngest member of the House of Commons and SNP youth affairs spokesperson – says a No-Deal Brexit will cost young people from the UK key education, work and travel opportunities within the European Union.

This includes the chance to study abroad through the Erasmus university scheme.

Black said: “Young people in Scotland didn’t vote for Brexit, yet if Boris Johnson gets his way, they’ll have to pay the price.

“Scotland’s youth benefit enormously from EU membership and they shouldn’t miss out because a right-wing Brexiteer is hell-bent on a disastrous No-Deal Brexit.

“Whether it’s the contributions made to Scottish education by EU nationals, or the chance for young Scots to live, work and study abroad, being part of Europe can be life-changing.”

More than one quarter of full-time research staff at Scotland’s universities are EU nationals and European funding has also allowed the Scottish Government to increase college places and provide extra training for young people.

The appeal comes two days after the Rail Delivery Group (RDG), which represents UK train operators, reversed a decision that would have taken Britain out of the European Interrail scheme, which allows travel across countries and networks on one ticket.

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The 45-year-old programme allows young people to explore other places and cultures on a low budget. Until the U-turn, it was understood that membership would end in January.

Black commented: “I’m delighted that the rail companies U-turned on their decision, ensuring that future generations across Europe will continue to have opportunities to explore Europe.

“However, there is so much more to do to to retain the current benefits young people in Scotland and the UK have through membership of the EU.

“Boris Johnson must take stock of the life-changing opportunities that thousands of young people will miss out on if he continues to bulldoze ahead with his damaging ‘do or die’ Brexit.”