Animal Rescue Live: Supervet Special (C4, 8pm)

PROFESSOR Noel Fitzpatrick, Steve Jones and Kate Quilton return to try to rehome as many animals as possible and ask viewers to help raise funds to help the thousands of homeless animals. To kick off the week of programmes, actor and ex-Spandau Ballet bassist Martin Kemp and his animal-loving wife and former pop star Shirlie Holliman lend a hand.

The Great Train Robbery: The Hidden Tapes (C4, 9pm)

WHAT really happened before, during and after the robbery of the Royal Mail train on August 8, 1963? When thieves planned and executed the “crime of the century”, they didn’t just rob the establishment of £2.6 million (equivalent of around £50m today), they also became household names. With access to tape recordings made by gang member Roger Cordrey that have been hidden for over 30 years, courtesy of son Tony, this documentary goes behind the legend to uncover the true story.

The Secret World of Your Rubbish (Channel 5, 9pm)

IN the second episode, workers at Crapper and Sons salvage what they can from vast amounts of plastic. Meanwhile, at a multi-million-pound complex of hydraulic and electrical systems, S Norton, where hundreds of people shred 1.5m tonnes of steel a year, which is then shipped off for use in steelworks around the world. Today a large chunk of metal has become caught in the machine – and it means a huge headache for plant manager Jonathan.

When Bridges Collapse: The Genoa Disaster (BBC2, 9pm)

ON August 14, 2018, the Morandi Bridge in the west of Genoa collapsed, sending vehicles plunging 90m to the ground, and killing 43 people.

The A10 motorway viaduct was part of the fabric of everyday life in the north Italian port and used by roughly 25m vehicles a year. This documentary tells the story of some of the people on the bridge that day and asks what caused it to fail so catastrophically.