SIXTY percent of Scottish voters believe support for independence would increase if the UK crashes out of Europe with no deal, a new poll has revealed.

The survey of 1,705 Scots for Hope Not Hate found that 45% felt that Johnson is willing to sacrifice the union to deliver Brexit, with just a fifth of voters disagreeing.

Scottish voters haven’t taken to the new Prime Minister at all. Over half of respondents (55%) thought Johnson was a “buffoon” when offered a selection of positive and negative words to describe him.

The second most popular word is “untrustworthy”, then “self-serving” (31%) and “irresponsible” (23%).

According to the poll, the Johnson-era is hurting Ruth Davidson, with support for the Scottish Tories down from 28.6% in 2017 to just 20%.

But that eight point drop is nothing compared to the 13.6% plummet in support for Scottish Labour, who are down from 27.1% to just 14.7%.

The Lib Dems are now on 13.1%, up from 6.8% in 2017, and the Brexit Party are on 6.7% The SNP remain out ahead at 38.5%.

In a separate poll for the anti-racist charity, 57% of Tory Party supporters across the UK, and over 70% of all Leave voters, say they think the break up of union is a price worth paying to achieve Brexit.

Nick Lowles, Hope Not Hate’s CEO, said: "Boris Johnson's headlong dash for a chaotic no-deal Brexit is risking the very future of the UK and potentially unleashing a dangerous English nationalism. That should frighten us all. Hope Not Hate is opposed to a no-deal Brexit because the political and economic fall-out would create a fertile breeding ground for the far right."