All Under One Banner last night issued a defiant message that next Saturday’s march and rally for independence will go ahead regardless of whether the City of Aberdeen Council issues a licence or not.

The National can reveal that Police Scotland has requested that AUOB obtains a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order for the march which will proceed down the city’s main thoroughfare, Union Street, next Saturday afternoon.

The council’s licensing sub-committee, which has representatives of all parties, will meet on Wednesday to consider the march. An official Police Scotland report says the march should go ahead but makes several recommendations.

The most serious is that “the organiser must ensure a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) and that full approved traffic management company road closure is in place over the route of the procession, for its duration.”

The force adds that policing will only be provided if the TTRO is in place.

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AUOB says the order will cost £4000 and it has never had to put such orders in place at any of the other venues where they have marched over the last five years.

The group stated: “Aberdeen Council has recently invited us to a meeting to discuss our formal notice of intentions, with a contentious issue being that Police Scotland in Aberdeen is insisting on a full Temporary Traffic Regulation Order at a significant cost that it expects AUOB to pay when AUOB has never paid for such a cost at any time across Scotland over the last five years.

“It is our held approach that Police Scotland is a national force and as such where it is able to use its discretion in one region then we expect it to do the same in another region.

“Notably, Police Scotland has an allocated budget from which to draw such costs to uphold the democratic rights of Scottish citizens. If permission for the procession is not granted then we will duly proceed under our internationally enshrined right to self-determination and right to freedom of assembly and will update the independence movement via our social media platforms.

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“We expect tens of thousands to attend this historic march for Scotland’s freedom, with undoubtedly a significantly greater attendance to occur should the march not be officially permitted.”

A council spokesperson said: “The application is due to be discussed at licensing sub committee next week and as such, we cannot comment on it.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “As with all parade requests, Police Scotland has been communicating with the event organisers and the local authority and will make any necessary policing arrangements to facilitate a safe and peaceful event.”