Brian Gunn is head coach and a committee member of Edina Hibs

I PLAYED for Edina Hibs Boys Club as a child in the 1980s and it is a place I have special memories and love for. It helped me develop as a footballer and as a person and I still keep in contact with friends from my playing days there.

The club was started in 1965 to nurture football talent for Hibernian FC. The founding members were Harry O’Neal and Jimmy McManus, who went on to become Hibernian FC’s chief scout.

The club have recently made their home at The Jack Kane Sports Centre, where they have been supported by the Craigmillar Sports Hub. This has given Edina Hibs a strong sense of identity and local support from people and businesses within the community of east Edinburgh.

I returned to the club in 2014 as my oldest son took an interest in the game. I had never had a voluntary role before, but I noticed that the club was struggling to survive, so I and other like-minded parents decided to volunteer and rescue the club.

It would have been a huge loss to the local community if the club disappeared and didn’t give local children the opportunities to play football and all the health and social benefits that come with playing sports.

On a personal level, I consider the work I do at the club not only good for children’s physical and mental wellbeing, but also for my own wellbeing. It is my hobby and I enjoy giving back something to the community and the club that did so much for me when I was a child.

I also enjoy being a positive role model for children, as these early years are where good habits are formed. My wish is that I play a small part in their ongoing development into young people and adults, and that they remember and pass on the benefits of staying fit and active to the next generation.

My voluntary work has enabled me to work with hundreds of children and we offer a quality product at an affordable price.

As grassroots football seems to be moving into business to make profit nowadays, we pride ourselves in making sure that all funds raised are spent on benefiting the children.

I’m also proud of the fact that we are fully inclusive and diverse and also help families who need assistance with fees, and that no child is turned away due financial problems or their ability, which is greatly appreciated by everyone in our local community.