Fringe review: Scotland!

FOR family-friendly teatime capers, Assembly’s Bijou Spiegeltent hosts the Scottish debut from The Latebloomers, a physical comedy trio proving couthie doesn’t always mean crap.

Just as Burns wanted the gift “to see oursels as ithers see us”, Australian Sam Dugmore, Englishman Jonathan Tilley and Swede Oliver Nilsson pack an hour with sketches which riff on aspects of Scotland’s romantic image.

The three daub themselves with woad, stalk deer and struggle to sup whisky up a mountain in a succession of silliness pitched somewhere between The Three Stooges and The Mighty Boosh.

With the exception of the odd sung line from the likes of Will Ye Go Lassie Go or the occasional, apparently involuntary exclamation of “Scotland!”, the three are wordless, relying on visual gags, animal noises and clowning for the laughs.

While Scotland! won’t set the heather on fire, it’s a refreshingly daft and diverting hour of fun.

Until August 24 (not 12, 19), Assembly George Street, Edinburgh, 4pm, £9 to £12.

Tel: 0131 623 3030.