Near the entrance of Summerhall’s Old Lab, Julia Croft drags a spotlight around the ground, its beam showing the audience where to sit. Later the New Zealander will clamber over our seats and wrap herself in tinfoil: a DIY space suit for exploring new realms imagined by her and collaborator Nisha Madhan.

The final part of a trilogy comprising 2016’s If There’s Not Dancing At The Revolution, I’m Not Coming and 2017’s Power Ballad, Night Moves is a playful piece which quickly overrides the reasoning brain.

At one point, an alien craft appears to hurtle towards us, only to reveal itself as an illusion created by swirling party balloons. The atmosphere the pair create is otherworldly – thanks partly to some cracking sound design. As the air fills with static and the echoes of pop songs, for a moment at least, we might be on the dark side of the moon.

Until August 25 (not 12 and 19), Old Lab, Summerhall, Edinburgh, 9.55pm, £10 to £12. Tel: 0131 560 1581.