THE BREXIT Party's Scottish MEP has asked if it's time to shut Holyrood in an embarrassing Twitter poll.

Louis Stedman-Bryce asked his followers whether the money that funds Holyrood and Nicola Sturgeon should be "used to develop Scotland and the UK rather than divide it".

He said: "With a First Minister paid more than the PM & a Parliament that costs almost £100,000,000 per year, many believe this money could be used to develop Scotland & the UK rather than divide it. Is it time to close Holyrood & invest that money elsewhere?"

Twitter users completely rejected Stedman-Bryce's idea, with 77% saying it would be a bad idea.

The Tweet contained some factual errors. The First Minister is not paid more than Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Nicola Sturgeon makes £135,605 per year as she doesn’t draw her full salary entitlement (£155,680)and hasn’t since 2009, donating the difference to the funding of public services.

It's not Stedman-Bryce's first gaffe. He appeared to forget the country he represented during an online show in July.

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