Here are the picks of tonight's TV...

Mastermind (BBC2, 7.30pm)

EVERY now and again, someone complains that this prestigious quiz show is dumbing down – mainly because a contestant has chosen to be grilled on their favourite band or TV show, rather than Renaissance Art: All of It.

However, if it’s so easy, perhaps the complainers should see how much they remember about Love Island or One Direction when they’re sitting in the famous chair with a spotlight on them and John Humphrys asking the questions. At least the first episode in the new series should keep the cynics quiet as the contestants have chosen a mixed bag of specialist subjects, including the Lake District, the novels of Sue Townsend, horror writer Stephen King and celebrated chemist Dorothy Hodgkin.

Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing (BBC2, 8pm)

PAUL Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer brave the not-so-wild lakes of Essex in search of the mighty carp. They have the latest high-tech equipment to catch the biggest fish they can – and are fully prepared to stay all night if they have to. The pair discuss the true meaning of a mid-life crisis and decide to visit a beauty clinic to see whether there are any suitable treatments available to re-capture their youth.

Thou Shalt Not Kill (More4, 9pm)

WALTER Presents’s latest offering is a haunting Italian drama about a determined police officer who seems to possess a sixth sense when solving the challenging puzzles behind crimes motivated by jealousy, vendettas and repressed anger. In tonight’s feature-length opener, the body of 15-year-old Sara Damiano is found in a flooded basement. Her father, diving coach Giancarlo, hears the news while at a TV studio where he has gone to make an appeal regarding his daughter’s disappearance.

Fosse/Verdon (BBC2, 9pm)

THE early 1970s finds Bob focused on editing the musical movie Cabaret. Gwen, meanwhile, auditions for the leading role in a straight play that forces her to reflect on the beginning of her career, her disastrous first marriage to James Henaghan and a career change that led to her breakthrough performance in Can-Can. Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams star.