PUBLISHED during the Edinburgh Fringe, a job advert for an official joke writer for Poundland just had to be a spoof, didn’t it?

On the day the top 25 jokes of the Fringe were selected, the breathless announcement that “leading discount retailer Poundland has launched a nationwide search for a new joke writer” just had to be a wacky piece of humour, or so we thought.

But it’s true, and the selected candidate will be writing hilarious one-liners for the product packaging as well as Poundland’s famous but often controversial Christmas card range.

Poundland is asking would-be comics to submit their best gags to be in with a chance of winning the dream job and a trip to Edinburgh to perform their own stand up gig during the Fringe.

It’s official, and the job even has its own “sits vac” announcement on Poundland’s website at

Hopefully asipiring joke writers will come up with a better line than the ones on Poundland’s nuts range – they feature squirrel gags on the wrappers, such as “What do you call a peanut in a space suit? An Astronut…” and “Two peanuts were walking down a road. One was a salted”. Ouch!

Those who want to be considered for the gig will be able to enter by submitting their best one-liners to and be in with a chance of being named the first “Poundland comic”. All one-liners must be submitted by August 16.

Three pun-inspired writers will be shortlisted for the role and whisked off to Edinburgh on August 24 to perform for a panel of Poundland executives during the Fringe

Meanwhile, the London Evening Standard has named its top 25 jokes of the Fringe. They include Goose’s joke: “My mate came second in a Winston Churchill lookalike competition. He was close, but no cigar.”

Or Nick Helm’s jest: “I regret rubbing ketchup in my eyes, but that’s Heinz sight.”

Alex Healy’s Brexit-related joke tickled the funny bone: “The past is like a foreign country: English people ruining it for everyone else.”

Think we’d better stop there.