THE SNP has praised the announcement to resverse the decision to stop the UK being part of the Interrail and Eurail schemes as a “victory for common sense”.

Following yesterday’s news that Britain’s participation in the scheme would ditch the pass from January next year, SNP MEP Alyn Smith challenged operators to think again and the UK Government to intervene.

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The Rail Delivery Group (RDG), which represents train operators, said it renewed talks with Eurail Group, the company running the programmes, following "strong reaction to news of our departure".

The two sides had previously blamed each other for the dispute, but were able to reach an agreement on Thursday to continue the existing arrangement.

Interrail and Eurail passes entitle holders to travel by train across Europe, visiting as many as 31 countries.

Alyn Smith said: “Countless young people have benefited from the freedom of Interrail over the past 50 years – travelling to new countries, learning about new cultures and often building lasting friendships.

“Yesterday’s news was incredibly disappointing and the public backlash told its own story.

“The swift turnaround from the rail companies is a victory for common sense.

“I’m delighted that future generations across Europe will continue to have these opportunities to travel cheaply throughout the UK and the continent.  

“But there’s more to do. If we leave the EU, young people’s chances to live and study abroad will be limited – another good reason to fight to stop Brexit and the considerable damage it will do.”