What’s the story behind your brand?

I started my own jewellery business, Celina Rupp Jewellery, 12 years ago when I was expecting our daughter Leanna, not realising how much time you need to take care of a baby. So she was our priority for the first few years, which gave time for the business to grow slowly until she started school.

The National:

Castle View ring, £80

Initially I started working from the utility room in our house but quickly outgrew this space, so we built a workshop and gallery in the garden, which has been great. Now there are exciting times ahead as we’re planning to build a bigger workshop and gallery in the local area.

The National:

Celina Rupp in her studio

Before all of this I worked with two very prominent jewellery companies in Orkney, where I learned a lot of my skills for the trade. I always wanted to make a living from painting, designing or making something, so when i started within the jewellery trade it was like a light-switch moment.

I love where I live and work, and every day there is so much to inspire me. The breathtaking landscape of Orkney and Scotland, the dramatic seas which surround Orkney, taking walks along the beach with my daughter following the bird footprints. My designs are like small paintings in silver capturing the moment.

The National:

Silver Darlings large pendant, £160

What do you make?

I make all types of jewellery – pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and brooches, predominantly in silver. Each piece has a story behind it. I also do the occasional commission, but I struggle to fit this in now with the business getting busier every year.

How do you make them?

I design each collection and then make a master pattern for each element. The master pattern i make by hand out of silver – this is just my preference, I get a feel for how the finished piece will be.

From the master pattern a mold is made from which you cast each piece. Then every piece is finished by hand by myself or my stepson Ryan, who is in the process of learning the trade.

The National:

Highland Burn large drop earrings, £85

I use quite a lot of stones in my designs – just a hint of colour to add to the atmosphere of each piece, strengthening their design. In The Highlands collection I use London Blue topaz or amethyst depending on the customer’s preference. The colour of the amethyst reminds me of the heather or the Scottish thistle, and the topaz is the blue of the water at the shoreside reflecting the colour of the sky.

I love to create unique jewellery designs and collections, each piece finished with the same enthusiasm I had 12 years ago when I started. I absolutely love what I do and feel very lucky to do what I love.

The National:

Highland Cow pendant, £75

What are your most popular products?

From year to year it can change. I try to bring out a few new collections every year. The addition of a Highland cow pendant this year has been very successful. Rings are also a firm favourite, although every customer is different so I like to offer a wide range of shapes and sizes so there is always something for everyone.