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WITH the re-emergence of some Project Fear classics on social media after a poll showed support for independence at 52%, it's felt a little like we've travelled back in time.

Always feeling more comfortable in the past, the Tories have joined in on the action by resurrecting one of their old campaign ads.

In it, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is tucked into the pocket of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

If you think you recognise the advert, it's because it was also used for Ed Miliband in 2015.

We must admit, despite this being from the Tories, there are three reasons we find this advert hilarious.

Firstly, Corbyn seems to have earned his spot in the ad by virtue of having the gall to – through shadow chancellor John McDonnell – say they wouldn't attempt to stand in the way of a Scottish independence referendum.

That, apparently, means he is entirely in the pocket of the First Minister. It's honest of the Tories to acknowledge how much they hate anyone even vaguely suggesting they'll respect another country's democratic right.

Secondly, the Tories have tweaked their attack very slightly since 2015. While Corbyn's face is photoshopped on to the same shirt (compared the wrinkles on the sleeves), they've undone his top button and generally made his collar a little messier.

It's a pity the Tories don't care about this level of detail when it comes to a plan for Brexit, isn't it?

They seem to be suggesting that Corbyn is scruffier than Miliband, here, which is a bold move for the party that promised "strong and stable" government to voters who chose Theresa May over Ed. We know how that went.

And thirdly, it does a great job bringing to mind how weak Boris Johnson's majority is.

We're sure that Sturgeon would respect mini-Corbyn's desire to go independent, if he so wishes.

We're not so sure the DUP's Arlene Foster will be letting Boris Johnson out of her pocket that easily, and they're very much setting themselves up for that graphic to be made...

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