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SCOTTISH Labour MP Ian Murray's hypocrisy has been completed exposed, with the help of Scottish Brexit Secretary Michael Russell.

Murray has been a busy soul since Labour's shadow chancellor John McDonnell said it was the party's position that they would not attempt to block a Scottish request for indyref2.

He's been all over the airwaves and releasing statements frantically explaining why Scotland should be denied indyref2, even though circumstances have clearly changed.

To recap, the MP for Edinburgh South said: “These are utterly irresponsible comments from John McDonnell that betray our party’s values.

“The Labour Party is an internationalist party founded on a vision of solidarity and we should never seek to appease nationalists – whether they be for Brexit or Scottish independence – who want to divide communities and people.

“John McDonnell has even bought into the nationalist narrative that Westminster is an ‘English Parliament’, in an insult to the hard work carried out by Scottish MPs from every party.

“We were promised by the SNP that the 2014 referendum was once-in-a-generation, and we have a duty to hold the Nationalists to their promise by firmly opposing a divisive second independence referendum.

“But one of the architects of the Corbyn project that is destroying the Labour Party now appears willing to destroy our United Kingdom with thoughtless rants at the Festival.”

So, Murray thinks his party has "a duty" to oppose a second independence referendum because it was "once-in-a-generation".

Let's turn to another quote of Murray's, highlighted by the SNP's Russell.

In the House of Commons, on April 8, 2019, Murray said: "To paraphrase a former Secretary of State, a democracy that fails to be a democracy if the public are not allowed to change their mind. That is exactly what people have been doing."

As SNP depute leader Keith Brown said in response to Russell's tweet ... "oops".

This wasn't an SNP member talking about indyref2 – this was Murray talking about a People's Vote.

The Scottish people are changing their minds, as evidenced by the most recent poll showing 52% support for independence.

"A democracy that fails to be a democracy if the public are not allowed to change their mind," he says.

The hypocrisy could not be any more blatant.

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