THE former first minister of Wales has said the country is "not too poor to be independent".

It came just days after the Labour politician warned that a "bad" Brexit could mean the end of the Union.

Jones has now said that if Scotland and Northern Ireland were to leave the UK, there would be no future in "England and Wales".

The former Welsh Labour leader, who still believes Wales is better off as part of the UK, was speaking at a National Eisteddfod discussion.

On whether the Welsh economy could survive independence, Carwyn said: "Many other countries are in the red... that is not unusual. We are not too poor to be independent, no."

Pointing to the example of Ireland, he said it would take time for the economy to be transformed, however.

With an October 31 Brexit meaning Sinn Fein will seek a poll on Northern Ireland leaving the union and the Scottish Government aiming to hold a referendum by the end of next year, it's possible England and Wales could be the only nations left in the Union.

In which case, Carwyn said Wales "may end up independent by default".

He added: "That is why we need to be ready to think about these things, and be ready to discuss the matter now."