Serengeti, BBC1, 8pm

THE aftermath of a devastating fire has left a blackened smoking wasteland, but rain soon brings hope to the scorched earth. Kike the cheetah and wild dog leader Jasari are both teaching their cubs how to survive on their own, only to be interrupted by a grieving giraffe.

A baby elephant struggles in the flooded river, while Bakari returns when his family are threatened by a rival baboon troop.

Lioness Kali has surprises in store which bring hope for the future of her pride, and as things draw to a close, a death brings all the families together in a remarkable truce. Last in the series.

The Secret Teacher, C4, 9pm

REMEMBER Secret Millionaire, the show in which rich businessmen and women went undercover in impoverished neighbourhoods? It came to an end in 2012, possibly because it was a victim of its own success – after six years on air, anyone who turned up at a community centre with a camera crew in tow was probably suspected of being a benefactor in disguise. But now Channel 4 is putting a twist on the format with this series, in which successful entrepreneurs, who were labelled as failures at school, go undercover in the classroom.

As well as learning more about the realities of the 21st-century education system, they’ll also be trying to identify youngsters who could benefit from their support. First up is marketing mogul Paul Rowlett, who is shocked by the facilities in a Hertfordshire school.

Fake or Fortune?, BBC1, 9pm

FIONA Bruce and Philip Mould investigate what could turn out to be one of the best bargains ever seen on the programme. Almost 30 years ago, Bob Kay bought a junk shop still life for £1.

If it turns out to be by Giorgio de Chirico, it could be worth up to £50,000. Fiona and Philip visit Rome, where de Chirico lived for most of his life, and while they learn a great deal about the painter’s status as a master of 20th-century art, they also discover he is widely faked.

However, they do come across some interesting documents with which to begin their investigation.