SNP MP Pete Wishart has said Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell "really could not care less about this 'precious Union' nonsense" after an internal row broke out in Labour over indyref2.

During an appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe, shadow chancellor McDonnell said it's for the "Scottish Parliament and the Scottish people to decide" on whether a second independence referendum will be held. 

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Last year Corbyn refused to rule out blocking a fresh vote from being held, explaining he would "decide at the time" what to do if Nicola Sturgeon requested a Section 30 order.

The National:

McDonnell's comments yesterday sparked a row in the Labour party, with MP Ian Murray and Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard (pictured) both hitting out at the shadow chancellor.

Despite a Lord Ashcroft poll revealing 52% of Scots support Yes, and 47% want a vote to be held within the next two years, Leonard called indyref2 "unnecessary" and "unwanted".

And Murray was furious, calling McDonnell's comments "irresponsible" and adding that they "betray our party's values".

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As the row went on, Perth and North Perthshire MP Wishart tweeted: "We worked with John McD and Jeremy for years in the HofC in opposition to high Blairism. They really could not care less about this ‘precious Union’ nonsense."

The SNP figure's post highlights the divisons felt between the UK and Scottish parties.