Labour MP Ian Murray has insisted he is no hypocrite despite campaigning for another EU referendum while opposing a second Scottish independence referendum.

In an interview with the BBC's news channel, journalist Nick Eardley asked the Edinburgh South MP: "Can I put to you that some people will see this as hypocritical?

"You want another EU referendum because you say things have changed. Things have undoubtedly changed in Scotland since 2014 when you and others were saying the best way to stay in the EU was to remain part of the UK.

"That's changed, facts have changed in Scotland, shouldn't the people of Scotland be asked again what they want to do?"

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Murray replied: "Look, it's not hypocritical at all for two reasons. The first main issue is the fuel that's creating the fire for the nationalist grievance for another independence referendum is Brexit.

"The harder the Brexit - and every time Boris Johnson speaks on this issue it gets a harder Brexit towards No-Deal Brexit - the more fuel on that fire for Scotland.

"So let's stop that hard Brexit, that No-Deal Brexit, let's stop Brexit all together when we can.

"And secondly I was elected, and every single MP was elected to look after their constituents jobs, livelihoods, and the future for their children.

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"Brexit's bad for that, Scottish independence is bad for that. So it doesn't matter what the means are, the ends are the same, the principle position is pooling and sharing our resources, working with our neighbours, the UK in the EU and Scotland in the UK.

"That's the way you protect jobs and the economy and that's the way you grow the economy and have good public services. That's the principal position. How you get there is neither here nor there. "