The National:

THE newspaper edited by George Osborne has served up the most bizarre take on the Scottish independence debate we've seen for quite a while.

It comes in the form of a cartoon printed in the Evening Standard, posted by the former Tory chancellor on social media.

Really, this article is a plea for help, because we have absolutely no idea what this cartoon is meant to be portraying. 

They've at least had enough mercy to label the seagulls as "SNP" and "Labour", because otherwise we'd probably not have a clue.

The story referred to is new University of Exeter research suggesting that the best way to stop seagulls stealing your chips is to stare at them.

And John McDonnell is included because he said yesterday that a Labour government wouldn't attempt to stand in the way of a second Scottish independence referendum.

Thus, seagull versions of the First Minister and Labour shadow chancellor are stealing Union Jacked chips.

That's about as far as we've managed to get, and users on social media were in the same boat.

If anyone has any idea what this cartoon is trying to say, or about what Boris Johnson is doing just out of frame, please let us know in the comments.

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