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A SCOTTISH caller to James O'Brien's LBC radio show perfectly explained the difference in what's driving Brexit in England and independence in Scotland – winning over the host in the process.

Clive got in touch to make a passionate case for why Scotland wants to go its own way, and made a big impression.

In fact, he even secured the SNP a new member not far from Westminster.

On the motivations behind Brexit and Scottish independence, Clive explained to O'Brien: "The two things are polar opposites. Brexit is about England wanting to be insular, inward looking, getting away from Johnny Foreigner.

"Scottish independence is about Scotland wanting to take a different path – sorry I’m emotional about this, you can probably tell – it is about Scotland’s desire to take a different path to become a welcoming, inclusive, forward-looking country, open to the world."

The presenter responded: "So you ARE setting it up as a rejection of what you perceive Brexit England to be. I’m not part of Brexit England, that’s why I take it oddly personally, this desire."

After re-assuring O'Brien that he would still be able to come to Scotland, the host said it wouldn't feel like home.

Clive said: "It will be home. You’re welcome. Anybody’s welcome to come to Scotland, we’re a lovely country full of lovely people."

"You're probably right actually," admitted O'Brien, who then asked if it wasn't just possible for us "to try a bit harder to get along", and work on the "bonds and strengths of the Union".

His caller pointed out that although the SNP had done nothing but extend a hand since the Brexit vote, Scotland's voice had been ignored.

And if he hadn't already made his point clear, Clive's conclusion summed it all up perfectly: "Scotland is a European country. And I want it to stay that way.

"I’ll be sad to see England go if the Union splits up. As I say, I love English people, I love being on holiday in England, I’ve been coming on holiday to England since I was 13 or something. I love the place, I love the people. But you’re heading in a different direction now that Scotland doesn’t want to go in."

That resonated with O'Brien, who replied: "I think you’ve nailed my problem. All of this emotional connection and affinity and sense of being at home, I mean maybe even England is starting not to feel like that place, so what right have I got to say that Scotland stays shackled to this ludicrous vessel of nonsense and xenophobia that they’re trying to turn England into?"

That's exactly it. The Tories in England are happy to sacrifice Scotland for Brexit, and sensible Remainers can fully understand why we want to break free. Scotland must have its say.

You can hear their full exchange on the LBC website.

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