LABOUR’S civil war on Scottish independence has blown up after Richard Leonard slapped down John McDonnell, telling him that indyref2 is "unnecessary" as most Scots don’t want it.

But the Scottish Labour leader’s comments are at odds with a poll published on Monday that revealed that 47% of Scots wanted a referendum on Scottish independence within the next two years, compared to 45% who oppose.

Leonard’s remarks were in response to comments made by the shadow chancellor yesterday when he said that the issue of another indyref would be for the "Scottish Parliament and the Scottish people to decide".

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Speaking at an event at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, McDonnell told LBC host Iain Dale: "They will take a view about whether they want another referendum. Nicola Sturgeon said by late next year or the beginning of 2021.

"The Scottish Parliament will come to a considered view on that and they will submit that to the Government and the English parliament itself.

"If the Scottish people decide they want a referendum that's for them."

He added: "We would not block something like that. We would let the Scottish people decide. That's democracy.

"There are other views within the party but that's our view."

But that's not what Labour's position is. In March of this year, Leonard said a Labour government would refuse to grant a "Section 30 order".

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He told the BBC Sunday Politics Scotland: “What we said in the manifesto at the 2017 election was that there is no case for, and we would not support, a second independence referendum.”

In a statement released on Wednesday morning, Leonard said: “I met with John this morning, and I made clear to him that a second independence referendum is unwanted by the people of Scotland and it is unnecessary.

“The 2014 referendum was a once in a generation vote.

“There is no economic case for independence, especially with the SNP’s new position of ditching the pound and new policy of turbo-charged austerity to bear down on the deficit.

“On that John McDonnell and I are in firm agreement - what Scotland needs is radical reforming Labour governments at Holyrood and Westminster.”

McDonnell’s comments infuriated MP Ian Murray (pictured below).

The National:

He said: "These are utterly irresponsible comments from John McDonnell that betray our party's values.

"The Labour Party is an internationalist party founded on a vision of solidarity and we should never seek to appease nationalists, whether they be for Brexit or Scottish independence, who want to divide communities and people."

Murray also tweeted: "Scottish Labour opposes a damaging and divisive Scottish independence referendum. The policy is set by the Scottish Labour Party and outlined in our last manifesto.

"John McDonnell must clarify his unhelpful freelancing immediately."