IT comes as no surprise that the BBC won’t provide any meaningful coverage on the latest poll (by Lord Ashcroft’s company) that shows support for independence increasing.

The BBC has clearly shown by their actions that reporting the news is not their job, they are only there to produce propaganda for the British state. The current level of journalism within the BBC in Scotland is shocking. I don’t doubt there may be good journalists and possibly even good news editors hidden away in Pacific Quay but any report that harms the British state will simply not be broadcast. The BBC long ago moved from reporting the news to now making the news – and making it suit the anti-SNP, anti-Scottish agenda. With each SNP Bad story the BBC’s credibility falls even further – they are the Pravda of our current age.

The most galling part is that due to the TV tax (licence fee) we are expected to pay to be fed lies and misinformation. However, I believe out of the whole of the UK, Scotland has the highest rate of people who now no longer pay the TV tax and it’s not exactly surprising.

It is legal to own a television without paying the TV tax and the BBC through their manipulation of the news agenda are effectively encouraging more people to find out the legal means to avoid paying the TV tax.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren