HIROSHIMA has marked the 74th anniversary of the atomic bombing of the city with its mayor renewing calls for eliminating such weapons and demanding Japan’s government do more.

Mayor Kazumi Matsui raised concerns in his peace address on Tuesday about the rise of self-centred politics in the world and urged leaders to steadily work toward achieving a world without atomic weapons.

“Around the world today, we see self-centred nationalism in ascendance, tensions heightened by international exclusivity and rivalry, with nuclear disarmament at a standstill,” Matsui said.

He urged the younger generations never to dismiss the atomic bombings and the war as a mere events of history, while calling on the world leaders to come visit the nuclear-bombed cities to learn what happened.

MEANWHILE, aid groups have slammed the Saudi-led coalition for its closure of the airport in Yemen’s capital, saying it has prevented thousands of sick civilians from travelling abroad for urgent medical treatment.

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and the CARE humanitarian group said Sanaa airport’s three-year closure has amounted to a “death sentence” for many sick Yemenis.

They have appealed to Yemen’s warring parties to come to an agreement to reopen the airport for commercial flights to “alleviate humanitarian suffering caused by the closure”.

The Saudi-led coalition has been at war with the rebels, known as Houthis, since 2015.

ELSEWHERE police have arrested dozens of climate protesters who disrupted traffic in the biggest city in Australia’s main coal mining state.

The demonstration was the latest in a series of protests by environmental group Extinction Rebellion to disrupt Brisbane city centre.

Queensland Police superintendent Chris Stream said 72 people were charged following the protests, which involved about 300 demonstrators.

The protesters arrested were aged between 18 and 73. They are charged with offences including public nuisance, disobeying lawful directions and obstructing police.

Protest organiser Laura Lucardie said causing disruption for commuters was the goal of the demonstration.

FINALLY, Iran’s president has reiterated that, if Washington wants to open negotiations with Tehran, it must lift all sanctions against his country “before everything else”.

Iranian state TV says President Hassan Rouhani made the comments during a meeting with foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Tuesday.

Rouhani also reiterated that the US’s sanctions on his country are an act of “economic terrorism”.