NICOLA Sturgeon has said she did not "immediately recognise" the new Scottish Secretary Alister Jack when he and Boris Johnson came to visit Bute House.

Speaking at an Edinburgh Fringe event with Iain Dale tonight, the First Minister was asked about the new Prime Minister's visit to Scotland.

The PM was booed upon his arrival, whilst a gesture made by Johnson was seen as an awkward attempt to usher Sturgeon inside the residence.

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Sturgeon said that she could not recall her comments to Johnson on his arrival at Bute House, although stated that she did not want to be ushered inside.

"The honest answer is I can't really remember," said Sturgeon.

"I just remember he came up the steps, we did the handshake, we were meant to stand to get a picture taken together and then suddenly behind him came these hordes of people - I think he had about 33 people with him for whatever reason.

The National:

"So I think I was just trying to organise everybody. And then the new Secretary of State for Scotland (Alister Jack) [pictured] came up to me, and I don't mean this as any insult to him, but I didn't immediately recognise him so it was kind of, 'who are you trying to get in my hoose?!

"Then I realised who it was, ushered him in and then I was aware Boris was about to do that thing that guys sometimes do to women and no doubt, you claim it's chivalrous, sometimes it is chivalrous, other times it's patronising, which is to kind of usher you in and put their arm around your back and I decided I didn't really want that to happen."

At the event, the First Minister also spoke about her experiences talking with the former PM Theresa May.