SNP MSP Paul Wheelhouse has slammed the BBC after failing to report on a major Scottish independence poll released this morning.

The new poll, commissioned by Lord Ashcroft, put support for a Yes vote at 46% vs 43%, and 52% once undecideds were removed.

But the BBC's website and Scottish politics news section did not feature any news about the new figures.

Wheelhouse took to Twitter to hit out at the broadcaster, posting: "It’s 11:46, at time of tweeting this. Almost 5 hours since the Ashcroft Poll indicating majority suppirt for Independence was published and yet it does not yet feature on the UK controlled BBC’s Scotland web pages. What does that tell you about BBC priorities, people of Scotland? 

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"Not on top stories. Not even in Scottish Independence section. Not under Scottish Parliament section. I know it is but one poll, but given Brexit fiasco makes this very newsworthy, for the BBC not to report it at all online is a bit odd. Maybe they will make up for it later."

He added: "PS I am not going to hold my breath on that!"

The poll, which has been described as "phenomenal" by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, is the first to put independence at a lead since March 2017.

The poll also revealed that Scots are keen for indyref2 to be held sooner rather than later, with 47% telling pollsters they want to vote within the next two years.