SITTING across the River Tay from Dundee, the community of Tayport is in no way in the shadow of the City of Discovery, although it does enjoy one similar asset – a thriving and passionately committed group of pro-independence activists and supporters.

Yes Tayport are one of the movement’s more active groups and now members have come up with a plan to enable the group to extend its campaigning activities across Fife – check out their Facebook pages and Twitter for details

Possibly inspired by a report in these pages about a similar plan in Dumfries and Galloway, Yes Tayport want to buy and run a mobile Yes hub.

We are delighted to report that the crowdfunding exercise in Dumfries and Galloway was a success and thanks to donations and a local sponsor the organisers were able to put their mobile Yes hub on the streets last month – and it’s already doing good service in the area.

Yes Tayport told us they want to start campaigning for independence in similar fashion.

“The plan is to buy a suitable vehicle to use as a mobile Yes hub,” they said. “It would be a high-profile presence and would be used to campaign in every part of our constituency, as well to support other Yes groups, by attending their events.

“We’ll need cash to make our plan a reality. All funds raised will be used to purchase a vehicle, apply Yes livery, and equip it as a mobile hub.

“Any excess funds, and any money raised from resale at the end of the campaign, will be donated to local food banks.”