Egypt’s Greatest Treasures with Bettany Hughes (C5, 9pm)

From blockbuster temples to the lost treasures of the pharaohs, Professor Bettany Hughes presents a thrilling exploration of one of the world’s oldest and most mysterious civilisations. In search of her top 10, the historian and author travels from the mouth of the Nile in the north of Egypt, to the shores of Lake Nasser in the far south. Along the way, she checks in on the Great Sphinx, the original location of the Rosetta Stone, the Valley of the Kings, the Great Pyramid at Giza and a temple whose walls tell the story of Egypt’s final female pharaoh, Cleopatra. Also on her journey, she meets leading experts and Egyptologists who are shedding new light and providing fresh perspectives on these treasures of the ancient world.

Crossrail: Where Did It All Go Wrong? (Channel 5, 8pm)

The new 73-mile railway line linking east and west London was meant to open in December 2018. However, Europe’s biggest engineering project is years behind schedule, billions over budget and dogged by all kinds of problems. This documentary tracks Crossrail’s troubles from the very beginning, going right back to the early 1940s when railwayman George Dow put forward proposals for a new tunnel across the capital. The programme features interviews with former workers, politicians and transport experts, as well as people who were promised that Crossrail would bring huge benefits.

Casualty (BBC1, 8.35pm)

When David sees that Charlie is struggling to cope, he intervenes and tries to remind Charlie that he is not alone, with his work ‘family’ there to help him every step of the way. Meanwhile, Marty’s mother is rushed into the emergency department, and he and Jade have to keep up the pretence of being boyfriend and girlfriend in front of his family. Elsewhere, Connie continues to cover her tracks as Ciaran and Archie decide to keep an eye on her, hoping to catch her out.

Below the Surface (BBC4, 9pm & 9.45pm)

The Danish thriller Gidseltagningen returns for a second season. Now on extended leave from the police, Philip Norgaard (Johannes Lassen) is contacted by June al-Baqee, a Danish national who has been prosecuted for fighting against ISIS in Syria, stating she has evidence of Danish involvement in the Syrian War.

However, as she waits to meet the detective, she is kidnapped. Then, as Philip follows June’s trail to the ferry between Denmark and Sweden, he warns the captain that a kidnapping is taking place onboard.