THE Spanish veto? The back of the queue to join the EU? Scotland can’t use the pound? A £14 billion black hole in our budget?

We all know the independence myths which Better Together used to throw around – and we still hear them every day from over-excited Unionists on Twitter.

The only problem is that it’s all nonsense – and we’re going to prove it. Tomorrow, for the first time, The National is publishing a supplement which will comprehensively debunk nine of the biggest myths about the case for independence. We’ll also give you exactly what you need to take Project Fear head on – and convert wavering voters to the Yes campaign.

So we want you to buy an extra copy of the newspaper and use it to start a conversation with somebody who might be undecided about independence.

The National has only been able to do all this thanks to the support from our readers for our 10,000 Steps subscription campaign. We’ve committed to investing directly in the campaign for independence for every 1000 subscribers who sign up. We hit our first target of 6000 right away – and committed to launching a new series of monthly supplements targeted not at our existing readership, but at people who are undecided about independence.

The first one proved how Scotland was Big Enough, Rich Enough and Smart Enough to be an independent country – and the myth-busting feature tomorrow is the second in our series.

When we hit 7000 subscribers we unveiled our new video team – and have been racking up hundreds of thousands of views on viral videos which make the case for a Yes vote.

We’ve also produced several short explainer videos which bust the indy myths – check out our social media today and please share what you find!

When we hit 8000 – and we’re a quarter of the way there already – we’re going to launch a Unionist Fact-Checker and Rebuttal service.

Make sure you pick up an extra copy of tomorrow’s paper for the No voter in your life – and sign up to support us at to join our campaign.