LABOUR would be hammered in a General Election right now, a new poll has predicted.

The survey by Ipsos Mori for the London Evening Standard lays much of the blame for falling support at the feet of Jeremy Corbyn.

According to the poll 62% of British voters believe Labour should replace their leader before the next election.

That’s up seven points from last year.

The poll also revealed that the Tories are still enjoying a “Boris bounce” opening up a 10-point lead over Labour.

Nearly twice as many voters, 52% across the UK, think Boris Johnson would make the most capable Prime Minister. Just 27% believe Corbyn would be better.

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It’s not just voters who are getting frustrated with the veteran left-winger, according to Ipsos Mori, 37% of Labour supporters think their party should change its leader.

Crucially for Johnson, the poll suggested he was starting to win over Tory supporters, with his personal approval rating up from 59% to 77%.

Johnson does however start with worse satisfaction ratings than Theresa May, Gordon Brown and John Major in their first month after entering office mid-Parliament.

The poll will almost certainly put pressure on the new Prime Minister to go to the country and call an election sooner rather than later.

Johnson has repeatedly ruled out a vote before the October 31 Brexit deadline.

Gideon Skinner, head of political research at Ipsos MORI, said: “Boris Johnson has got a boost from his own supporters, as he energises his base in his first month as Prime Minister, and especially when they compare him with Jeremy Corbyn, whose poor personal ratings among the public continue.”

A Labour Party spokeswoman said: “In 2017 the polls had Labour more than 20 points behind the Tories and even on election night only one poll came close to accurately predicting the result.

“We won the biggest increase in our vote share since 1945 and took away Theresa May’s majority.”

Vote share for Scottish Labour is in freefall with the latest poll putting the party into FIFTH place.

Meanwhile, more details have emerged of the YouGov poll for The Times, released on Wednesday.

UK-wide it put the Tories on 32%, up seven points in a week, Labour on 22%, the LibDems on 19%, the Brexit Party on 13% and the Greens on 8%.

But the Scottish sub-sample in the polling suggested Labour were less popular than the Brexit Party in Scotland.

Nigel Farage’s party has also put a substantial dent into Ruth Davidson’s party too, taking them down 10 points to 28%.

Around 42% of voters would back the SNP in a General Election, 15% would choose LibDems, 12% would support the Brexit Party and 11% for Labour.

The poll also revealed that 32% Scottish voters believe Boris Johnson will be a good Prime Minister, roughly the same as voters in London, where he was mayor.

However, Johnson still had the support of more Scots voters than Jeremy Corbyn, who was backed by 24%.

A Scottish LibDem spokesman said: “Labour are paying the price for their confused stance on Brexit.”